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An Ambivalent Woman of 37

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"Whether I want children is a secret I keep from myself. It is the greatest secret I keep from myself."

An Ambivalent Woman of 37 confronts that most vexatious of questions: do I want a child? Based on Sheila Heti’s acclaimed book, Motherhood, this show brings together a stellar lineup of talent with composition by Elena Kats Chernin, piano by Yanghee Kim, and creative direction and performance by Emma Sandall.

Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as Monty Python and the golden era of silent film, An Ambivalent Woman of 37 pulls no punches – expect searing honesty with a generous dose of black humour as Sandall weaves her own response to Heti’s dilemma through music, movement, and video.

Developed with her production company Vivid But Not Garish, An Ambivalent Woman of 37 calls on Sandall’s four decades of experience in dance and theatre. But while it is steeped in the discipline and maturity of a celebrated continent-spanning career, it also explodes the established traditions of dance performance with a thrilling collision of animation, music and choreography.

Welcome to the unique wrestling place that is the mind of An Ambivalent Woman of 37.

An Ambivalent Woman of 37 debuts at the Sydney Fringe Festival September 10th-14th at the Flight Path Theatre

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